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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail!

The following instructions assume that you know how to make cupcake pops.  If you haven't made them before find instructions here and watch video.   The following are just the decorating steps.

The grass was made by mixing green food coloring to coconut.

Add a little at a time and mix.  Repeat until you get your desired color.  I cut the coconut up to make it look like grass.

After your grass is made it's time to dip the cupcake pops.

You can add sprinkles for extra bling!

Ummm... this was A LOT of Bling... Oops;-)  It's o.k. the bowl catches the extra.  Don't try to clean up the sprinkles right away.  I wait until it's all dry and use a toothpick to knock the extras off the cupcake pop.

Add a little extra candy melts to act as your adhesive.

If you are going to use "Candy Buttons" as your eggs attach grass next.  

Candy Buttons
Easter Basket with "Candy Buttons"

However, if you are going to use Jelly Beans for Eggs... I would wait to put the grass on at the end before the handle.  Reasoning:  Jelly Beans are so big they cover a lot of room and they won't stick as well to just the grass.

Add decorations.

You can use a little green candy melts to act as adhesive (instead of pink) and then put more grass around the edges.  It would have been a little cleaner that way.

This one was made with green sprinkles as the grass.

Making The Handle:  

I made the handle of "Air Head" Candies.

Cut into thin strips.

Flatten slightly on sugar lined mat.

Twist 2 pieces together.

Cut to proper length and attach. 

Hint:  Do not make your handle too long.  It will start to fall.  Do not refrigerate handle, it gets fragile and has a tendency to break.  Attach at the very end.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is simply tooo tooo cute!! Just a question, where did you get those little wabbits?...hehehe

    Love your blog, I visit day!!


  2. I got my wabbits from HomeGoods! LOL! But if they do not have them anymore I also saw them at Michaels Arts and Crafts in a small Easter treat container. Not in the decorating section. It was in one of those cute Easter Plastic Toys for kids.

  3. I ADORE your blog. I watched your children show us how to use the cupcake pops. SO SO SO CUTE.
    I think you rock mom!!!
    Love Claudie from Canada

  4. These are BEYOND cute. So very creative. Love them and LOVE my cupcake pop mold - it's amazing.

  5. love it i'm going to try to do the same thing for easter...


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