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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Bunny Cake Pops


O.K. so I am not so sure about these Bunny Pops (the big cheek ones anyway). They look a little like... well ~ I think you know what I mean. But there is something I still kinda like, a certain charm about them.



This one was not the bunny I started out to make but after seeing how the big cheeks reminded me so much of umhmm - I took off the cheeks and ended up with this cute little bunny. Do I need to mention I was referring to the one on the left... didn't think so.

For these I made chocolate brownies out of a box. Nothing fancy just quick and easy. Then I made buttercream frosting (this was very much like the recipe I used minus the brandy). The recipe I used was with sugar not powder sugar. If you use powder sugar your truffle mix will be much sweeter than if you use the buttercream frosting made with sugar. These tasted like very chewy moist brownies and not too sweet. They had a very distinct brownie taste. Yummy!

Make ears first.


Ear Instructions:
Roll out Gum paste and use a cookie cutter to make ears. I used this one and squeezed it together to get slimmer ears.


Then shape your ears like below: Pinch tops and bottoms.

More Ears

Then make Truffle Mix (brownies and buttercream frosting mixed together). Make your oval shapes and if you want the bunnies with the big cheeks you will need two smaller balls as well.


Attach smaller balls onto face with white candy melts. When set dip entire head into melted candy. Let excess pour off and attach ears. When almost dry attach bow using two Heart Drops pointing toward each other and one Mini Pastel candie in the middle. The nose is a heart shaped sprinkle from the Flower Medley and if you do not have the Mini Pastel Candies you can use a round sprinkle from the Flower Medley as well. When bunny is completely dry use your Foodwriter to draw on eyes and mouth if needed (depending on which bunny you are making). Use your art brush to apply pink pearl dust to cheeks for blush and the yellow pearl dust is used around the tips and bottoms of the ears for definition and again around the cheeks for shadowing and to create more depth.

Shopping List:
White Candy Melts
Gum Paste or Fondant
Wilton Sprinkles
- Heart Drops
- Flower Medley
Wilton Mini Pastel Candies
Wilton Pearl Dust
- Orchid Pink
- Yellow
Wilton Food Writer in black and pink
Popsicle Sticks
Art Brushes

If you try to make them please send pictures. Hope you all have a very Happy Easter (if you celebrate!).


  1. how cute! yeah, i agree! they do look like.....but they're unique for sure!! Fun treat for the Easter holiday!!! TFS with us!!!


  2. These are absolutely adorable!!! I think I might try these out for Easter with my young cousins. And I'm dying to get your cupcake mold! So happy you ship them to the US because there are no stores near me in Massachusetts!

    xo - Marie
    Chocolate & Wine

  3. They are so adorable. Maybe less cheeks) :)


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