The strangest perfumes I have ever smelled

When I am traveling around, or just hanging out in the mall I never hesitate to stop at the fragrance boutiques, and try to figure out which will my next fragrance acquisition be.
Today I feel like sharing with you some of the most exotic perfumes that I got to test out. Some of them seemed quite ridiculous to me, while others I really liked and even ended up in my wishlist.

Every girl that considers herself a real fashionista, should own at least once in her life an exotic fragrance. It will define her uniqueness and high class taste.
One rather exotic perfume that I really liked had a vanilla-banana scent. Even though I am not too fond of intense sweet flavors, when I got to smell the Vanille Banane Comptoir Sud Pacifique for the first time, it made me think that it is something I would put on while wearing a long sweater dress for the Christmas dinner with my boyfriend’s family. It has a gentle scent of whipped-cream, which would make me an eatable dessert in his eyes. (Wink-wink)

exotic fragrancesLast week I ran into a unisex fragrance, which was released rather recently by Ajmal. It is quite an exotic scent to me. First of all because it indeed suits both men, and women. And secondly, because the very moment I tried it, I got teleported to some Moroccan market on a hot summer day. Even though it brings out summer associations, I strongly see it as a best smelling perfume. The black pepper and cinnamon top notes seem to give out an instant energy boost, while the strong musk and agar wood base notes are there to keep up a constant feeling of harmony. Thus, this is definitely what I want to get for Christmas this year.
If you are open-minded enough, and poses a small dose of courage, you might want to try out the Cannabis Flower fragrance released by Demeter. This company is known for going yolo when it comes to fragrance ideas. I have to say that the cannabis flower one is quite summery and cool. What makes it an exotic perfume, is the fact that is blends together the smell of marijuana with slight notes of flowers and spices. I like it, because of its subtleness and ability to bring up different summer memories.
If you think marijuana scent is quite weird, let me tell you more about some of the strangest fragrances I got to smell. As I said, Demeter are into creating rather unique and varied fragrances, such as sushi, bamboo, fireplace, or even tomato scents.

Some strange fragrances that they have, are the ones that take you back to your childhood times, like the Play-Doh cologne, or the baby powder one. My very one favorite is the crayon perfume, which reminds me of the three boxes of wax Crayola I used to doodle around with all the time.
Other perfume companies go to even more extreme, and have come out with sex related fragrances, or food fragrances, or pretty random ones that few even think of (like Hellboy scent, or rose perfume).
Etat Libre D’Orange came out with this exotic perfume which odes the sexual desire. It brings up a smooth combination of sperm, sweat and saliva which will take you to that making out on the couch moments, which always escalate to something more. Nevertheless, the manufacturers used iris, coconut and sandalwood notes for its creation, so it is not as outrageous as you might think.
Another rather exotic scent you could put on is the old paper perfume, by Karl Lagerfeld. I was quite curious about it a couple of months ago, and I didn’t give up until I got the chance to stick my nose in one of those bottles. And I have to say, there is a reason why he came up with it! It’s just the illiterate ignorant people who don’t like the smell of a good book. Thus, if you feel like becoming an exotic hipster once in a while – just put on that “Paper Passion” fragrance.
There are so many more strange and special fragrances out there, that I sometimes wish I was working as a perfumer and got the chance to try them all throughout my lifetime. As I am not, I will just have to deal with taking time every now and then, and just spend it in perfumeries and ask the assistants to bring out the most exotic perfumes they have. Life is too short not to surprise your nostrils with diversity and uniqueness.

Remove your makeup before you start to cook

It seems quite obvious to me that you should not wear makeup while you’re cooking. When you are cooking, well, even if you are not cooking but you stay in a kitchen while someone else is cooking next to you, you tend to sweat. It is a fact. Obviously, when you sweat, especially on the forehead, you tend to “erase” the sweat with your hands. If you wear makeup at the time and you do that, half of your makeup will be on your hands. Not to mention if you chop onion and you start to “cry”. Now, if you are not careful and you end up with makeup on your hands while you cook, you risk getting some of that on your food. Unless you are 100% sure that you can be careful and wash your hands very often while you cook, I recommend not to wear makeup or check out bestmakeupbrushesguide.

Now, there are special cases when women have to appear at a TV show while they cook. You know all those cooking TV series. Also, there are people on Youtube whose full-time job is film themselves cooking in order to teach people to cook. Well, in these cases it is almost a must for women to wear makeup. If you have to do this and you are a man, consider yourself lucky and blessed. However, for us, women, it is not that easy, simply because we care so much about our public image.

cooking without makeup

For those who have to appear on a cooking TV show and have to wear makeup, don’t worry. In most cases the producers take care of such things as makeup, hairstyling and so on. However, if this is not the case for you, you mustn’t worry. A 10 year old girl could do it. First of all, you must remember to use waterproof makeup products, if possible. You don’t need many products, just the basics as people have to pay attention to what you cook, not to your makeup look. So, you will need a concealer a shade or 2 lighter than your skin tone. Then you will need a foundation as close to your skin tone as possible. Same goes for powder, as close to your skin tone as possible. You will also need a few eye shadows but only natural colors, such as light brown, medium brown, maybe even a little dark brown. Mascara is a must. Optionally, you can also wear eyeliner. Now, when it comes to the lips I definitely do not recommend lip gloss for such an event. You can wear either a really matte and natural lipstick or a lip liner. I would probably go for the lip liner because it lasts longer and it looks more natural than a lip gloss. A good technique is airbrushing your makeup so visit bestmakeupbrushesguide for this alternative. Besides that, if you have to drink water or something, the lip liner won’t leave any prints on your glass. Now, when it comes to makeup brushes there are not many you have to buy for such a basic look. You can do a lot with your hands, such as applying concealer, foundation, eye shadows and needless to say, a lipstick or lip liner. However, if you want to use brushes all the way, you will need a small concealer brush, a foundation brush, a powder brush, a blending brush for the eye shadows and if you decide to go for a lipstick instead of a lip liner, you can also buy a lip brush.

Most women do not have perfect skin and for such events as appearing on the TV or even being part of a video on Youtube, you do have to make an effort to look close to being perfect. It is normal to have imperfections, everyone has them and trust me, on the camera they can be seen even easier.

All in all, I do not recommend wearing makeup while cooking at home. Well, I do not recommend wearing makeup while cooking at all but when it is a must, well, it is a must. The camera won’t go easy on you and as I said, if you have to appear on TV on a cooking show or even if you just appear in a cooking video on Youtube, wear some makeup. You can easily wear some makeup to hide your imperfections while still looking natural and as if you do not wear any makeup. This is the beauty of makeup actually, being able to highlight your “strengths” and hide your “weaknesses”.

Sweet 16 birthday cake

Turning 16 years old is a big deal. In some countries, it is the age when you are allowed to get a driver’s license, which is actually a really big deal. However, it is important to have a great party. It definitely must be different than the usual parties. It doesn’t matter whether you want a big party or a simple family gathering, it must be different than the usual birthdays.

Now, one of the most important things to consider at your birthday is the cake. No matter whether you have a huge party with 200 guests or just a small family gathering, you will have a cake. It is actually a symbolic thing for anniversaries.

There are 2 types of people. Firstly, there are those people who want a huge cake, no matter what. Secondly, there are those people who will buy a cake according to the number of guests they have. Now, the usual portion of cake is of 100 g per person. So, for 20 people, you should buy a 2.3 kg cake, as you have to put a little extra for those who want more. I advise you to buy your cake according to the number of guests because people rarely eat cake leftovers. Not only you will pay less but you also won’t have to throw away the cake leftovers. However, if you really insist having a huge cake while you have just a few guests, I advise you to pack them the rest of the cake. Give everyone another portion or two to take home. In some cultures, it is actually a tradition to give your guests some packed cake to take home.

When it comes to the design of the cake, there is an infinite number of possibilities. You can always look for inspiration on social media websites. Also, you can ask the person responsible with your cake design to show you some photos of previous cakes he has made, so that you can get some inspiration from there. Now, if you want it very personal and customized you can have a photo of you or something you really like on top of your cake. You can also go for a vintage pattern drawn on your cake, it is elegant and it looks amazing. Besides these, you can have your cake in the shape of something you like. For boys, there is always the football ball option. For girls, it can be in the shape of a pair of shoes or a purse or whatever you like, really. If you are throwing a huge party, there is always the classic huge cake which opens up and you can come out of it.

All in all, I advise you to customize your cake, especially at your sweet 16 anniversary because it will be a moment you will never forget and you need something sweet to remind you of it. I also advise you to order your cake according to the number of guests you have.

Barbie themed cake

Children always get excited when it comes to their birthday cake. Maybe even more excited than adults. We all know that boys love cars and girls love dolls, so it’s proper for boys to have a cake in the shape of a car for their birthday. Well, if they are maximum 10 years old. Later, boys become interested in other things and so do girls.

Now, if you have a girl and you have to decide upon the design of her cake do not worry. While they are little you have the right to decide so take advantage of that because when they grow up all they want is 5 kg cakes in the shape of bags and shoes. So, for the age of 1 I believe you should get a simple cake for babies. She will not eat a lot of it, given the fact that she is only 1 year old. The same rule applies to 2 year olds. From 3 years old, however, you can get crazy with the cake. From the age of 3 to the age of 6, maybe 7, if she likes dolls you can have a Barbie themed cake. Don’t worry if you want an original idea every year, you can get really creative with it.

Obviously, you can talk to the person who is in charge with the cake, he can show you some pictures of similar cakes he has done before. Besides that, you can get inspired on social media websites. There are tons of websites specialized on inspirational photos. However, there are a few classic ideas you can use. For example, and this one is for when your girl is still very young, so for the age of 3, maybe 4, you can have a simple cake and put an actual Barbie doll on top. This way, the cake will not only look great, but she will have something left to play with. For when she is a year older you can download o photo from the internet with a Barbie doll and have the picture on top of the cake. Another idea is to buy figurines and make a scene from a Barbie cartoon on top of the cake. Besides these ideas, there is always the classic pink cake with flowers on it. This is also a Barbie themed cake, taking into consideration the fact that Barbie is all about pink and flowers and being cute and girly.

However, not all children will just agree with any cake design their parents propose, so, as I said earlier, enjoy it while you can. People don’t cake as much about what the cake tastes like, as they care about how it looks like.

All in all, see what your child is interested in and order a cake according to their desires and what they like. If your child is ‘hard to read’, you can never go wrong with Barbie themed cakes for girls and car shape cakes for boys.

Cupcakes for my 10-year-old’s birthday party

cupcakesCupcakes are literally the best sweets to serve at a party. They are great because you can serve them both at an adult party and at a children party. The difference between these 2 is the design you put on the cupcakes. While you can throw any nice character on the children cupcakes, you must be careful with the cupcakes for adults. Nowadays, adults, just like children, prefer colorful, funny cupcakes.

When it comes to children’s party you can literally try any design you want. Depending whether it is a boy or a girl’s birthday party you can go with the classic, old-school, pink for girls and blue for boys design. If you want something more interesting you can try to have themed cupcakes. For example, if your child really likes a cartoon you can have its name written on the cupcake or have the main character drawn on the cupcake. This works with hobbies as well. Find something that symbolizes one thing your child really likes and have its name or drawing written or drawn on the cupcake. Other than that, you can also have your child’s name written on the cupcake. This works perfectly if you have a small family gathering instead of a big birthday party at a rented place.

You can add ‘Happy Birthday!’ on the cupcake.

Now, it depends whether you decide to make the cupcakes yourself or you order them. When you order them you can obviously tell the person in charge how you want them to look like. You can tell them whether you want cupcakes filled with chocolate, vanilla, other cream or a few of each. Meanwhile, if you decide to bake them yourself you might not have the time necessary to bake 3 types of cupcakes, maybe you don’t even have time for one type. Also, if you order the cupcakes you can tell the person in charge what design you want for the cupcakes. He or she must have more specific tools than you and he will be able to create designs you couldn’t at home. However, baking the cupcakes yourself does have some advantages as well. First of all, the price.

You will not spend as much money if you bake them at home because the ingredients are quite cheap, not to mention that there are not many ingredients. When you order them, you don’t really pay the composition, the ingredient, you pay the actual work.
All in all, I believe cupcakes are a genius idea for a child’s birthday party. Recently, I’ve seen that many people quit the idea of having a great cake and choose cupcakes and a small cake instead. I’ve seen it even at weddings. The bride and the groom had their regular cake and the guests each had a medium size cupcake. They looked exactly like the actual cake, only they were smaller. The design and the ingredients were exactly like the regular cake’s. I think it’s an original and really fun idea.

Cooking with my niece

Cooking is a great activity you can do with your family. It doesn’t matter how old are you, cooking is always relaxing and fun. If you cook with children you will probably be amazed of their patience and desire to help. If you are a teenager and you cook with someone of about the same age as yours you will have fun while playing around. Meanwhile if you are an adult and again, you cook with someone of about your age, you can develop great teamwork skills while both relaxing and having fun.

2 months ago I made a rule with my 11 year old niece, Angela. Every Friday I pick her up from school take her home and then she comes over to my house for a cooking session. As I said before, you would be amazed if you saw her desire to help. Not to mention that children are so clever. First I thought that she would be annoying me with silly questions and just mess around. The point of this activity was to get closer as a family as my sister raises Angela alone and she is really all that Angela has. Angela depends on her mother when it comes to anything. She is not sociable and she doesn’t really have friends.

Angela became really creative. We usually prepare a healthy meal and then we bake some cookies or just prepare something sweet. Last week I was craving for Tiramisu but given the fact that Angela is only 11 years old caffeine is not advised for her. She came with this brilliant idea to put a fruit syrup instead of coffee and the not-so-tiramisu Tiramisu turned out great.

Now, if you decide to start a regular cooking activity with a child you should expect crazy unrealistic ideas. They won’t be all sweet and clever. They will say the silliest things. But where’s the fun if they don’t? Once my niece came with this literally crazy idea, she said that we should replace flour with baking powder so we can have a really big cake. Not only it was silly but it was also hilarious. You’ll see, you will get really attached to whomever you start this cooking activity with. Just remember to make the best of everything and don’t take it seriously. This activity is not supposed to be like a tutoring class that will help you win the Master Chef competition. As I said before, it is a fun and relaxing way to get closer to your family and just have fun while doing something productive. Not to mention that if you start this activity with a child, he or she will actually learn something.
All in all, I recommend cooking activities for everyone, no matter the age because you are never too old  nor too young to be creative. And you must admit, cooking and baking can be really creative. Just have fun and make the best of it.